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In today’s globalised world multilingual speakers outnumber monolinguals. Multilingualism is a social phenomenon governed by the needs of globalisation and cultural openness. Thanks to the ease of access to information facilitated by the Internet, individuals’ exposure to multiple languages is becoming more and more frequent, triggering, as a result the need to learn more than just one language.

Corporations are now starting to realise the benefits that learning a foreign language can have not only on each individual, but on the company as a whole, and more and more businesses are now offering Corporate Language Training in foreign languages as part of their employment benefits.

According to current research, employees entering the workforce with a second language in 2014 can expect to earn between 10% and 15% higher than their monolingual counterparts.

In addition, businesses providing language lessons to their employees will also benefit from a more relaxed working environment and better productivity as the language class will be a healthy break and employees will go back to their daily tasks with much more enthusiasm.

Foreign Language Lessons

Are you looking for language lessons in Spanish, Portuguese, French or German for your company?

TTS offers customised one-on-one or group language lessons in-company or online via skype. The contents of our courses are tailored to your company specific needs and the goals of your business. Not only do our language courses promote the learning of a foreign language, but they also provide your employees with a positive distraction from their daily tasks, which will benefit your company in the long-run. Our programs are flexible and can be adapted to each group or student.

In-company or on-line lessons

Our Language Trainers are qualified and experienced professionals who are dedicated to teaching their native language in a business environment.

Our highly personalised language courses will ensure that the individual needs of the learners involved are met. We will first assess the specific aims and objectives of the student and company and tailor a practical strategy to satisfy those needs along with a relevant learning program.

Whether you need business Spanish for an individual, conversational German for a group of engineers or Chinese lessons for senior managers, we’d be delighted to help!

Contact us at courses@t​​ for a free discussion on what we can do for your company and we will create a customised program that will help your employees succeed in learning a foreign language. We offer language lessons at the comfort of your office in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide as well as online via Skype anywhere around the world!

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