Cross Cultural Training for Local Employees

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Many businesses in Australia regularly work with companies or employees from overseas. It is important when working globally to understand, and be aware of, the different cultures and customs.

Our cross cultural training solutions help local employees across Australia understand other country’s customs and how to relate effectively with staff or clients outside of Australia. It is important to have the right tools to overcome cultural barriers and potential misunderstanding so as to ensure a smooth business process and to ensure that every employee’s potential or client opportunity is maximised.

Our Cultural Training Solutions can be tailored to specific groups, individuals and environments, whether delivered on-line or in the comfort of our offices or yours. Some of the potential employees who regularly benefit from our Cross-Cultural Training Workshops include sales teams, senior management as well as general management and business executives.

As part of our training packages, employees can then move on and continue taking language lessons to deepen their knowledge of the foreign language and culture.

Relocation Solutions for Expats moving to Australia

Our goal at TTS is to ease the transition for families and individuals moving to Australia. Our Relocation Solutions offer several options that can be adapted to each individual or family group.

Our relocation solutions include, but are not limited to, the following services:

Relocation Solutions prior to arrival in Australia:

Assistance will be provided to the family or individuals moving to Australia prior to arrival, this information may include information about a specific city of their choice, climate, living styles, means of transport, useful tips, etc. and it will be adapted to each particular relocation solution.

Relocation Solutions on arrival:

A TTS representative will be waiting for the family or individual at the airport and will take them to their pre-booked temporary accommodation. Upon arrival, our TTS representatives will provide assistance with finding permanent accommodation, buying a car, searching for schools, and we will organise language lessons upon demand.

TTS may organise the assistance of an Interpreter based on each family or individual’s needs. We will also assist you with opening your first bank account, finding a local GP for you and your family, applying for an Australian Tax File Number (TFN) number and other services to help you get settled.

Our relocation solutions are always customised for each family or individual, and prices and services will vary based on the requirements.

Linguistic Consultancy Solutions at TTS

The Translation Studio has over 10 years of experience in the language and cultural communication industry within Australia. As well as  assisting families and individuals relocating to Australia, The Translation Studio provides Linguistic Consultancy Solutions to companies that regularly work with overseas businesses and need to understand their client’s or partner’s culture and language in more depth.

Our solutions range from four-hour workshops to full relocation packages for up to a month after a family has relocated to Australia, as well as ongoing Language Lessons, cross cultural training and relocation assistance.

Multicultural communication and awareness is essential when dealing with international businesses and relocating personnel, so leave it to the professionals, contact us for a free discussion on how we can help you communicate better in a multicultural context. Visit us at www.t​​ for more information or contact us at info@t​​ for an initial consultation.

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