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With the rapid growth taking place across several industry sectors in many Latin American countries over the past four years, it is easy to see why there is such a high demand for businesses and individuals needing help to gain access to the region. Whether expanding into Latin America, or whether you are simply going about your daily business, the best way to make a strong impact is to do your research on the peculiarities of the language and the regional customs.

The Spanish Language or “español” is spoken by over 329 million people in 26 countries and it is the most globally spread language out of all the Romance Languages. It is interesting to point out that Spanish is also sometimes called “castellano” by their native speakers, depending on where they come from. Spanish is also the fourth most spoken language after English, French and Arabic and it is the official language of Spain and most Latin American countries.

Spanish is phonetically accurate, this means that each word is pronounced exactly as it is written most of the times, so as long as you are familiar with its phonetics system, you will be able to read texts in Spanish naturally.

After Latin, the language that has had the biggest historical impact on Spanish is Arabic. However, these days it is safe to say English has predominant influence. Over the past century, Spanish has adopted hundreds of English words related to technology and culture.

Spanish Translation Services at TTS

When translating documents into Spanish, it is necessary to take into consideration the targeted Spanish-speaking audience and adapt the translation to suit the cultural and linguistic distinctiveness of the region that the document is aimed at.It is important to keep in mind how much Spanish expands from English if you are translating a website, for example, as Spanish localisation work will also be necessary.

Our specialist Spanish Translation Services Team has broad experience in many types of translation fields, including Spanish mining translations, Spanish legal translations and Spanish technical translations, amongst other. We have an excellent team of Spanish linguists who can translate and localise your documents into Spanish for Latin America, Spain, the US and many other specific countries.

Certified Spanish Translations

TTS is able to assist with a broad range of document types if you need Certified Spanish translation, these range from identification documents, visa papers and import permits to more complex medical or technical documents. We have very strict quality control procedures and our translation process is smooth and stress-free for our clients.

Getting Spanish Translations right is essential for your business communication, visa applications and other official purposes, so don’t waste any time, contact us for a free consultation at info@t​​hetranslationstudio.com or visit our website at www.t​​hetranslationstudio.com for more information.

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