Advantages of speaking foreign languages in the workplace

Employees having corporate language training

Investing the time and energy into learning a new language can pay off during your professional career. The best time to learn a new language is, of course, at school, a time when your brain is still able to easily process new structures, vocabulary and grammatical rules. However, even if you didn’t learn a second language at school, it’s never too late and the time and financial investment required will certainly be worth it.

For jobs in sales, international marketing or finance, for example, speaking a second language such as Mandarin, Arabic or Japanese can provide increased opportunities in career advancement and salary. There are also many other benefits in speaking a language other than English, it will open up travel opportunities and it will provide you with personally enriching experiences.

As businesses tend to want to adapt as much as possible to their client’s needs, speaking a second language will give you the advantage over other employees when it comes to gaining employment in an international company.

The need for speakers of languages other than English in Australia

Bilingual people not only stand better chances at finding employment, but it has also been proven that their average income increases.

The number of foreign skilled individuals that have come to work to Australia has increased by 22% in the past year, according to the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Security, from 331,000 in March 2012 to 402,710 in March 2013. This is impressive and definitely showing the need Australia has for international workforce and speakers of other languages.

If you are looking to find a job or advance in your career, think about learning a new language that your company can benefit from. It will only work to your advantage!

Learning a foreign language in Australia

The Translation Studio specialises on Foreign Language Lessons in most major languages. Lessons can be delivered on-line or through the traditional face-to-face method. Our highly personalised language lessons will ensure that the individual needs of the learners involved are met. We will first assess the specific aims and objectives of the student or group and tailor a practical strategy to satisfy those needs along with a relevant learning program.

Our philosophy is that learning a new language should be a fun and positive experience. A happy student is a successful student!

All lessons are taught at a convenient time for you in your office or an alternative place of choice. We are currently running Spanish lessons, Portuguese lessons, Chinese lessons, Indonesian lessons and many more!

Contact us for a free consultation at courses@t​​ or visit our website for more information on our language solutions at www.t​​

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