Foreign language skills and the revival of foreign language lessons in Australia

Whilst English is spoken worldwide, it seems that English-speaking countries still struggle to learn other languages. This language-learning crisis has been a long-term problem in Australia where more than three quarters of the population only spoke English by 2011.


By the beginning of their final year of high school, 87% of Australian students have stopped learning a foreign language. This figure seem illogical in a multicultural country such as Australia where bilingualism should be recognised as a highly useful skill and language learning should be a priority. Australia’s complacent attitude regarding language studies is therefore unsustainable since it is partly based on the assumption that the dominance of English will continue indefinitely. Let’s take a quick look at Finland’s schooling system: They have one of the top 5 education systems in the world, children study up to three languages throughout their school years, 44% study a fourth language and 31% a fifth.

Why learn a foreign language?

The most popular language studied in Australia is Japanese, followed by French, Indonesian, and German. The benefits of learning another language are widely recognised. ACARA reports that “learning another language has been shown to extend students’ intellectual and analytical capabilities and strengthen their cognitive and general learning capabilities, such as creative and critical thinking.” A thorough language education also increases student’s future employment opportunities and career prospects.

Australians love to travel and it just make sense that language skills and travelling should go hand by hand. Immersion is commonly known as the most effective method to learn another language and engage with the world, as most people appreciate foreigners’ attempts to speak the local language.

Foreign Language Lessons with TTS

The good news is that The Translation Studio specialises in Foreign Language Lessons in most key languages, our Language Trainers will go to your office and employees can have a break from their daily tasks, enjoy a language lesson and improve business performance at the same time. We also work in close partnership with several Relocation Companies and provide expatriates full training packages in English for themselves and their families upon arrival in Australia as well as Cross Cultural Training and Relocation Solutions.

Our Language Trainers are qualified and experienced professionals who are dedicated to teaching their native language in a business environment.

Our highly personalised corporate language lessons in Australia will ensure that the individual needs of the learners involved are met. We will first assess the specific aims and objectives of the company and the students’ and tailor a practical strategy to satisfy those needs along with a relevant learning program.

Contact us for a free quote or discussion on via email at  and we will be happy to provide you with more information.

Good luck! Bonne chance and 幸運を祈ります!

By Tabata Jullien

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