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Video is one of the most powerful and effective forms of media formats for business, education and entertainment. One thing that makes video so powerful is that it is a true universal form of media. Visual and sound effects are easily conveyed to people from any culture or background, but unfortunately, dialogue is not.

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Every year, different organisations across Australia are taking a more globalised approach to their businesses. Film and television are both obvious industries where subtitling services are essential, but there are also countless businesses in a range of diverse industries which use video for various purposes such as training, branding and marketing. When productions are sent all around the world, subtitling into foreign languages becomes essential.

Subtitling Solutions with TTS

The Translation Studio provides video subtitling in most key languages across Australia. Outstanding results are delivered whether you need English subtitles for a foreign production, the hearing impaired or if you want translated subtitles to present your media to a foreign audience. We have expert subtitlers and translators specialised in the subtitling industry who have the highest level of proficiency in over 100 languages and we will provide you with the subtitling solutions you need, no matter where your production is going.

Successful subtitling is not just about a simple translation as several other issues need to be taken into account when subtitling into another language, including timing, space constrains, different characters and, of course, the target audience. Context, emotion, jargon as well as the subtle connotations that are obvious in the spoken word will often require an unambiguous presentation in the written language.

The Translation Studio will ensure that the subtitling process is smooth, accurate, on time and on budget, and we will deliver the files in the requested format. As per one of our most recent clients’ testimonial:

“The Italian subtitle file was perfect… Just an FYI that we were very satisfied with the service and will be looking to use you guys for future jobs.”
Ari Kuchar

Australian Wool Association

Whatever the production and whatever industry you are focusing on, the best results will always come from the experts. The most powerful form of media deserves the best subtitling results. At TTS, we are proud of our reputation and we want to contribute to maintaining yours in other languages as well. We have a dedicated team of Project Managers ready to help you with your subtitling project and we have offices across Australia for your convenience. We provide subtitling services from and into most key languages, including Spanish, French, Arabic, Portuguese, German, Russian, Indonesian, Mongolian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, and many more. Contact us now for a free discussion today at

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