Globalisation and The Translation Industry

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Globalisation refers to the process of international integration of a business, service or product into the Global Market. Websites, literature, news, product specifications, customer support, business documents – anything related to doing business outside the home country requires translation. Every day, documents are translated into more than 500 language pairs worldwide. Therefore, we can say the translation industry is more than ever a globalised industry.

In a previous article, we talked about the importance of professional and localised translations for a specific country or region around the world, as well as how important it is for a successful business to adapt its products and services offered in order to be accepted by the local new market. For example, if you intend to expand your services to the Spanish market, you will need Spanish Translation Services, however, there are many different types of Spanish around the world, such as Latin American Spanish, Castilian Spanish, Universal Spanish, Spanish used in the US, etc. The same goes for French, as there are several variables in the French language as well, so you will need to make sure that the French Translation Services you use will localise you translations based on the specific target market.

Advantages of living in a Globalised World

The globalisation process started with the IT revolution around the 1970s, and it expanded exponentially with the population’s development and access to the Internet.

Today, we can all be connected to anyone around the world at any time, businesses can look globally for goods or work force that will offer a competitive advantage and a very good price. There is basically no barrier in terms of geography, finance, trade or information. The Internet has provided people and businesses with the opportunity to connect globally and to take advantage of these connections.

For individuals, globalisation has provided opportunities to buy from any country in the world, travel to places they have not heard of before, move to a new country or look for better employment opportunities.

For businesses, the advantages are endless – they can expand to any part of the Globe and they can offer their products to anyone, physically or virtually at any time. Businesses can reduce costs by relocating production units to cheaper countries or by finding workforce that offers competitive rates for the same amount or quality of work.

Language, however, is one of the only things that can be a barrier if not taken seriously. Translations used to enter new markets need to be of a professional standard or they could damage the image of a particular business and lead to the complete failure of business integration into the new market. Whether we are dealing with marketing translation services or technical translation services, it is essential to have these translations done by professionals. This is why, when expanding, all businesses should have a good translation partner along the journey.

Translation Services Demystified

 The Translation Studio is here to help businesses reduce the risk of things going wrong with translation while expanding to new markets. With over 10 years of experience in the translation industry, The Translation Studio continues to provide personalised and customised translation services to all our clients, making sure they receive the best possible results at an affordable cost. Our services include translation, localisation and cultural linguistic consultancy for businesses looking at expansion opportunities.

We provide affordable translation services in a broad range of languages and fields including: Legal Translations, Financial Translations, Medical Translations, Corporate Translations, Mining Translations and more. Our complete solution for translation services consists of three steps: Translation, Proofreading and Quality Management; these steps are carried out by three different linguists. This way, we ensure the best possible result is delivered to our clients. All our translations are performed by degree qualified translators who are native speakers of the language they translate into, have at least three years of experience in the industry and have successfully passed our rigorous selection and training processes.

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