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With the blink of an eye 2013 has passed and 2014 is almost upon us. We now find ourselves preparing our to-do-lists again for the next year. Some lists may include several resolutions such as meeting new people, travelling abroad or learning something new. And all of these things and much more can be achieved in one go: Learning a New Language.

Benefits of Learning a New Language

Today’s world is competitive and people who have language skills in more than one language have multiple advantages over those who don’t. The benefits don’t just stop with professional advantages either, it has been proven that people who are well versed in other languages will experience benefits to their health and family relations as well as some of the advantages below:

  • Learning a language enables you to make new friends. Taking Chinese language lessons, for example, will surely open up new opportunities for travel, work and socialising. With Australia being so close to our Asian neighbours, learning Chinese opens up a whole new world of opportunities.
  • Fluency in a foreign language is very useful in developing your career. Either through having the competitive edge when applying for a job or taking advantage of opportunities such as travel or relocation with your current role;  those who have capabilities in more than one language stand out from the crowd and latest research confirms that multilingual employees are going to be benefiting from top salaries in the upcoming years.
  • Taking language lessons in foreign languages also leads to a better cultural understanding. With the ability to read and understand news and current affairs in another language,you will be able to appreciate websites, newspaper articles, foreign books, films and even music in a whole different way.

Language Lessons in Your Home or Office

Taking language lessons no longer requires you to go to university or language schools. Personalised one-on-one sessions with a Professional Language Instructor can easily take place at your home or office. There is no need to travel any more so you will be saving plenty of time.

The Translation Studio offers language lessons for individuals and corporate personnel in a wide variety of languages, including Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian, Japanese and many more.

As we enter the festive season you can take advantage of our language lessons gift certificate, an ideal present for your loved ones or employees this upcoming Christmas.

Contact us today to find out more about our language training solutions by emailing us at courses@t​​hetranslationstudio.com, or visit our website to find more information about language lessons and the benefits of learning a new language. Lessons can take place in most Australian capital cities. TTS offers language lessons in the comfort of your home or office in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra.

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