The Potential Negative Effects a Poor Translation Could Have On Your Business

In some cases, mistranslations can be quite funny. In fact, there are innumerable examples of mistranslations on the Internet as a bit of a joke. However, mistranslations are no longer amusing when they have a negative impact on your product or business…

The Engineering and Mining fields are particularly sensitive when it comes to translation. Mistranslations can put lives at risk when talking about miners, operators and on-site engineers in general. This can have very serious consequences to businesses as mistranslated documents may lead to massive damages to a company’s reputation.

Man having problems with mistranslations

Two other very delicate fields where translations must be accurate at all times are the legal and the medical fields. An error in a legal document can cost people a lot more than financial losses when an inaccurate translation of a medical report can lead so serious health implications.

Business owners don’t always realise the importance of allocating a budget to translations as they don’t consider this to be an important area of their business. However, how are you planning on selling your services or products abroad if the client cannot understand your message or if the message is simply not communicated in a professional manner?

A poor translation will have a huge impact on the ability to sell your products or services abroad and, therefore, translations should be given the importance, and budget, they deserve.

So how can you make sure that your translations are accurate and of high quality?

We regularly deal with clients who come to us after they have had a problem with a translation and the question is always the same, who did this translation for you? The usual reply is an employee who speaks Russian or Chinese, or a friend of a friend who speaks Spanish or Portuguese.

Well, translating your daily correspondence or an email with a colleague may save you time and money, however, when we are talking about important documentation, your employee or friend’s skills may not be enough and this can lead to catastrophic results.

It is essential to involve the services of a translation agency if you need a professional translation done and if you are expecting high quality results. Hiring a translator yourself may be one way to go, however, this translator may not have sufficient support or knowledge on his or her own to complete a full project. A translation agency will have several quality control steps in place as well as a specific recruitment and training process; thus, ensuring that the work is completed on time and up to professional standards. Translation agencies also use translation software which will help with the consistency of your project as well as reduced costs for ongoing work.

When deciding what the best avenue for translating your documents is, it is advisable to keep in mind that not any bilingual person can be a good translator, and that you may not know enough about the translation industry to coordinate a translation project. Leave it to the experts, contact us at to receive more information about our Translation Solutions.

Marisa Schiavi

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