Advertising and Marketing Translations: Make sure your message is loud and clear

Advertising and Marketing Translations

We’ve all heard the old saying that perception is reality. When it comes to advertising and marketing, this couldn’t be more important since customers’ perceptions can make or break a product, especially when moving into foreign markets which are not yet familiar with you and your products. Inaccurate translations of your company’s advertising and marketing messages can lead to hilarious, embarrassing, or worse, disastrous results.

Marketing Translation is a specialised area within the translation industry, it’s not just about translating the text into the target language but about conveying the marketing message correctly, both regarding style and accuracy, in the target language. Marketing translations are therefore often quite lateral, and need a certain specialised mindset from a qualified and experienced translator in the field.

Because of the creative and not always straightforward way that advertising communicates to audiences, it takes specific cultural understanding and a sense of style and flair to translate advertisements to global markets. Our translators are creative, bilingual and many of them hold degrees in literature, communications, writing and journalism as well as translation; therefore, they are able to maintain the appropriate style, voice and message of your advertising campaigns.

Top Quality Advertising and Marketing Translations

TTS takes special care in translating marketing messages to new languages. Our translators undertake the necessary research to ensure that the slogans, phrases, metaphors and messages of your marketing and advertising campaigns translate seamlessly to the target language. Your products may be speaking to new audiences, but our marketing translation services will make it seem like they’ve been speaking the language for years.

Here are some examples of TTS most recent projects within the advertising and marketing industry:

• Brochures;
• Websites;
• Press Releases;
• Email Marketing;
• Promotional Materials;
• Sales Presentations;
• Multimedia Presentations;
• Ad Copy;
• Marketing Collateral;
• Whitepapers;
• Case Studies;
• Training Materials;
• Television and Radio spots;
• Signage;
• Advertisements;
• PR Documents;
• Business Cards;

Advertising and Marketing Translations Services Provider

The Translation Studio offers top advertising and marketing translations service across Australia, with offices in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and call centres in Adelaide and Canberra.
We pride ourselves on being on time and adaptable to our clients’ needs and we value the quality of our work without exceptions.

Our translation process is stress-free, smooth and accurate and we always keep in mind our client’s satisfaction. We know the importance of delivering accurate advertising and marketing translations; therefore, we make sure this happens without fail. With over a decade of experience in the advertising and marketing translations field, we offer a good balance of quality and speed. When it comes to advertising and marketing translations, ask the experts!

Contact us for a free quote or discussion via email at info@t​​ or visit

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Marisa Schiavi

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The Importance of Corporate Language Skills and Corporate Language Lessons in Adelaide

Corporate Language Lessons in Adelaide

Adelaide is the “perfect host city” and is “ready to be uncorked”… according to Lonely Planet which named the South Australian capital as one of the top 10 must-visit cities for 2014.

On the business side, the city of Adelaide is dominated by health care and social assistance as well as retail trade. Likewise, manufacturing, defense technology, high tech electronic systems and research, commodity export and corresponding service industries all play an important role in the SA economy. Almost half of all cars produced in Australia are made in Adelaide at the General Motors Holden plant located in Elizabeth. Adelaide has over 40% of Australia’s high-tech electronics industry which designs and produces electronic systems that are sold worldwide for applications in medicine, communications, defense, automotive, food and wine processing as well as the industrial sector. The South Australian economy, very closely tied to Adelaide’s, still enjoys a trade surplus and has higher per capita growth than Australia as a whole.

These are all impressive on paper. However, for a multicultural city such as Adelaide, language issues and challenges are bound to sprout.

The Cost of Not Having Foreign Language Skills in the Business World

Losing potential business because of language misunderstanding or cultural differences could cost a company a lot of money. Deals lost because of lack of understanding on both sides will result in loss of return on investment in the business infrastructure overseas, actual business revenue loss, and loss of an important perception of “competitive edge.” Developing new business, especially negotiating complex arrangements, increasingly requires full knowledge of the language and culture of the region. It is quite rare these days to find businesses that are able to sell their company’s products in other countries by using English alone.

Successful business negotiations require high-level foreign language skills. Poorly structured agreements, which could result from not understanding the legal terms in another language, would carry serious business problems into the future when companies finally realise the errors in the language of the contract to which they had agreed.

TTS Offers Corporate Language Lessons in Adelaide

The good news is that The Translation Studio specialises in Corporate Language Training in most key languages, our Language Trainers will go to your office and employees can have a break from their daily tasks, enjoy a language lesson and improve business performance at the same time. We also work in close partnership with several Relocation Companies and provide expatriates full training packages in English for themselves and their families upon arrival in Australia as well as Cross Cultural Training and Relocation Solutions.

Our Language Trainers are qualified and experienced professionals who are dedicated to teaching their native language in a business environment.

Our highly personalised corporate language lessons in Adelaide will ensure that the individual needs of the learners involved are met. We will first assess the specific aims and objectives of the company and the students’ and tailor a practical strategy to satisfy those needs along with a relevant learning program.

Contact us for a free quote or discussion on (08) 7200 7315 or email us at courses@t​​ and we will be happy to provide you with more information.

Marisa Schiavi

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A guide to the Korean Language and Korean Translations

Korean Language and Korean Translations

Facts about the Korean Language

Korean is the official language of both the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), which have a total combined population of around 73 million (50 million in the South and 23 million in the North). Korean is also spoken in large ethnic Korean communities in China, Japan, the US and Central Asia as well as in other communities around the world.

Korean appears to be linked to the Uralo-Altaic group of languages which include Mongolian, Manchu, Hungarian, Turkish and Finnish, although there is no clear evidence of this. Some think it is an isolated language.

The Korean language has five major dialects in South Korea and one in North Korea. Despite the geographical and socio-political dialect differences, Korean is relatively homogeneous, being mutually understandable among speakers from different areas. In Korean there are no definite or indefinite articles, gender distinctions or grammatical number. There are also seven speech levels, each level with its own set of verb endings used to indicate the level of formality in a situation.

An interesting fact about Korean is that it contains a high concentration of words borrowed from English including basic vocabulary, however, English words in Korea must be approached with caution since the meaning may be altogether different from their actual English meaning.

Korean Translations at TTS

When translating documents into Korean, it is necessary to take into consideration the targeted Korean-speaking audience and adapt the translation to suit the cultural and linguistic distinctiveness of the region that the document is aimed at.

Our specialist Korean Translation Team has broad experience in many types of translation fields, including Korean medical translations, Korean legal translations and Korean financial translations, among others. We have an excellent team of Korean linguists who can translate and localise your documents into the Korean language as well as from Korean into English.

TTS provides Korean translations for several types of documents including translations of manuals, user guide translation, brochures translation, translation and localisation of software, websites, proposals and reports, amongst others. With our state-of-the-art CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) tools and our dedicated team of Project Managers, TTS has a 100% success rate for completing all Korean translation projects accurately, effectively, on time and on budget.

Certified Korean Translations

TTS is able to assist with a broad range of document types if you need Certified Korean translations, these range from identification documents, visa papers and import permits to more complex medical or technical documents. We have very strict quality control procedures and our translation process is smooth and stress-free for our clients.

Getting Korean Translations right is essential for your business communication, visa applications and other official purposes, so don’t waste any time, contact us for a free consultation at info@t​​ or visit our website at www.t​​ for more information.

Marisa Schiavi

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The Importance of Financial Translations

Financial Translations Services

Top quality Financial Translations

With the wave of globalisation sweeping across even isolated nations today, the market for translation and localisation services is spiralling to unprecedented heights.

The trend spells good news not only for those working in the area of finance, such as accountants, financial controllers, and CFOs, but also for specialist translators who have a background in business and finance. However, linguists with expertise in translating financial documents are not easy to come by. The financial field is a highly specialised industry and it takes special aptitude and skill sets for a translator to do justice to the job.

There is a broad range of financial documents that businesses generally need to have translated, these include annual reports, business plans, financial statements, sales projections, fact sheets, audit reports, policy documents, shareholder communications, public offering prospectuses, fact sheets and tax-related documentation.

Here is an important checklist to consider when dealing with Financial Translations:

• Privacy and Confidentiality

Financial documents are veiled in an atmosphere of privacy and confidentiality so any person who is privy to sensitive documents must be aware of their obligation to maintain fidelity and secrecy of the documents entrusted to their care.

• Financial Terminology

Just as the accounting methods differ, so too does the terminology used in different regions and amongst companies. Using the right terms in the right context is very important when working on financial translations. Translators will often work in close contact with internal employees to harmonise the glossaries of terms that are specific to the client’s company or industry.

• Choosing the right provider for financial translation services

A good provider of financial translation services must be up to date with the current regulations related to the financial services business and they will use translators with expertise in the specific financial domain, with knowledge of commonly used financial and legal terminology in their native and source languages. Financial translation professionals must adopt and uphold certain ethical standards that will enhance their own credibility and reputation.I It is also very important to be detail orientated so they can provide fast turnaround without overlooking accuracy.

Accuracy in Financial Translations

At The Translation Studio, we have an outstanding team of specialised financial translators and we are able to offer accurate financial translations services to a broad range of organisations by minimising the risk of error and inaccuracies at the same time, through our complete translation solutions, which include a Translation, Proofreading and Quality Assurance step.

Mistranslations in the financial field can cause serious damage, for example, multinational corporations have their operations spread across the globe, and it is most often the case that they have to generate business plans, sales forecasts, and other forms of reports and analysis for submission to their local managements, as well as to the ‘big bosses’ at the headquarters abroad. The fact that accounting practices differ from one region to another, lays additional burden of responsibility on the translator, and he/she must possess some understanding of the subject and an aptitude to be able to render a document that is both accurate and meaningful to end users; for this reason, translators at TTS always work in teams and our translation process involves several quality steps.

Financial Translations Service Provider

The Translation Studio offers top financial translations services throughout Australia, with offices in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and call centres in Adelaide and Canberra.

We pride ourselves on being on time and adaptable to our clients’ needs and we value the quality of our work without exceptions.

Our translation process is stress-free, smooth and accurate and we always keep in mind our client’s satisfaction. We know the importance of delivering accurate financial translations; therefore, we make sure this happens without fail. With over a decade of experience in the financial translation field, we offer a good balance of quality and speed. When it comes to financial translations, ask the experts!

Contact us for a free quote or discussion via email at translations@t​​ or

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Marisa Schiavi

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Natural Language Engineer (Australian English, Danish, Norwegian, Thai and Turkish)

Work with us!

Job Description

TTS is looking for five highly motivated language experts with software development skills in the following languages:

Australian English

The positions will be based at our Client’s premises in California.

We are looking for highly motivated foreign language experts with software development skills to join our team. This position offers the opportunity to perform software engineering specific to translation and localisation of Client’s personal assistant application and other cloud based software user interfaces into foreign languages. The ideal candidate will be able to apply knowledge of relevant natural languages, natural language modeling, software development, and techniques of translation to help deliver leading edge features and functionality for the international customers.

We are looking for creativity, leadership, and superior technical expertise, and a demonstrated interest in focusing on practical implementations and engineering solutions. The ideal candidate has worked on shipping products. This is an opportunity to have a major impact on the design and implementation of the next generation of localisation and translation technologies used in the production of cloud based services. We will consider people with exceptional track records in these areas, and also people who are early in their careers and exhibit strong potential for growth.

Specific responsibilities will include:

- Bringing our client’s product to more international markets by developing language specific natural language, and work on other cloud based features for the international market.
- Providing input and suggestions towards innovating new approaches and new product features within our client’s internal localisation tools and automation infrastructure.
- Troubleshooting complex technical problems.
- Automating and integrating workflow from diverse systems.
- Working with other teams on our client’s software to adopt and integrate their technologies where appropriate, and drive the extension of their technologies where necessary.


Required Experience/Skills:

- B.A. in Linguistics or Natural Language Processing, or B.S. in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related fields.
- Work with minimal supervision, proactive and self-motivated for timely delivery of quality code.
- Demonstrated creative and critical thinking capabilities and troubleshooting skills.
- Proven track record in delivering product-quality code.
- Engineering experience and interest in diverse technical areas.
- Clear and compelling communication skills.

Duration: Permanent position based in California, USA.

Desired Experience/Skills:

- Native speaker fluency in one or more commercially important natural languages.
- iOS or Mac OS X development skills.
- Engineering experience in areas of classification and information retrieval, natural language processing, and the like.
- Interest and background in translation, internationalization and localization.

Please, send your resume and application letter to: marisa@t​​ – Attention of: Marisa Schiavi, Managing Director.
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