Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services

The Translation studio offers Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services, more commonly known as DTP Services, which provide a final and complete solution for your corporate translations. Communicating your message professionally is our priority but finishing it with a good look is also our goal and it will give your materials that final impressive touch.

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The visual aspect of your documents helps to communicate your message while simultaneously setting the customers’ perceptions of your business. Good visual imagery stands out and gets remembered. Different languages and their corresponding alphabets can influence the general layout and the design of a document and this is when our DTP services come in handy.

TTS understands the importance of visual content and as a part of our translation services, we provide DTP services specifically adapted to your needs. Our goal is to have the same impact on the target audience as the original concept.

Benefits of using DTP services with your corporate translations

We translate your documents across multiple languages maintaining the same format and appearance as the original. Our rigorous quality management procedure allows you to use the document immediately in its original format as once we have typesetted the documents, we have a final quality check in the target language to ensure nothing has moved around and no errors were introduced during the process, something clients find difficult to do since they don’t always have a native speaker of the target language in their offices.

You can also use our DTP solutions as standalone services or integrated with our complete translation packages. So if you only need typesetting or design work in English, we can also help you with that.

Our High Quality Standards

TTS delivers extensive customer care and our dedicated Project Managers compile glossaries and Translation Memories to ensure that our customers receive the best services throughout the duration of ongoing and future projects. The consistency and the quality of our services are the results of our commitment to our clients.

Multilingual communication is essential when dealing with international businesses. At TTS, we offer a personalised approach to your projects and we are available to discuss your needs at your convenience. Contact us at for free quote or to discuss your translation and DTP needs further.


Case Study – Voiceover Solutions with The Translation Studio

This study provides a quick look into a recent voiceover and translation project completed by The Translation Studio for our client FILM.UA.


The team from Film.UA was ready to attend the DISCOP Istanbul Film Festival at the end of February 2015 and needed to showcase their trailer in Turkish to the local attendees. Our client had two trailers in English ready to go but they needed a good provider of voiceover and translation services, who could act fast and within budget, yet without compromising quality.

After consultation with The Translation Studio, the following language solutions were implemented:

  • Translation of the script from English into Turkish ensuring time coding was maintained
  • Recording and synchronisation of the translated Turkish script by our Turkish Voiceover artists


Preparation of the script . The script was provided by the client in Word format in English.

Translation of the script. Adhering to The Translation Studio’s 3-step complete translation solution for highest quality, the script was first translated into Turkish by an experienced and native Turkish translator, then proofread by a second translator and finally Quality Monitored by the Translation Studio’s team of experts. It was challenging to keep the Turkish translation within the existing time codes.

Recording of the voiceover. Our client was given several voice samples to choose from and since they had a budget we needed to stick to, we managed to reduce the amount of voices to be used as much as possible and used the same talent for different characters. Original audio tracks were provided to the client, which fit within the specified timecodes, to ensure accurate synchronisation.

The editing and audio fitting were to be done by the client without any delays due to TTS fantastic editing.


The client was no less than ecstatic with the final result of the voiceovers and translations.

For more information about The Translation Studio’s multilingual voiceover solutions as well as top quality Translation Services among other high value multilingual services, please visit our website at

Background on DISCOP Istanbul

Launched in 2010, DISCOP Istanbul is at the epicenter of multiscreen, digital, television content development, production and distribution business across a region with a rich history of trade and cultural exchanges: the former Silk Road.

DISCOP Istanbul targets Turkey, CEE, MENA and CIS countries, accounting for 20% of the global entertainment content business revenue; this market share alone saw a 50% increase within the past five years.

In five years, DISCOP Istanbul has become the most important annual industry gathering, uniting the driving forces behind multiplatform entertainment business and digital changes across a marketplace of 850 million people, from 45+ countries.


Government Translation Services

Accurate and high-quality translations have an impact on our nation’s ability to communicate. The cultural diversity of Australia makes cross-cultural communication a necessity in order to convey information to speakers of Languages other than English.

Parliament House

TTS provides Government Translation Services to Local and State Government departments, agencies and contractors. We translate a wide range of documents including contracts, education materials, press releases, brochures, marketing materials and websites.

The Translation Studio assists government bodies in the translation of public information so as to ensure that the Australian population will have equal access to such information.

TTS is aware of the need for public documentation to be communicated in all languages with the highest standards and this is why we always ensure that our Government Translations are completed by the best qualified NAATI Certified Translators. Our Translators are not only NAATI accredited, but they are also hand-picked for each job based on their qualifications, experience and specialisation.

Quality and Confidentiality Are Our Priority

We are committed to providing our clients with translations that follow strict standards of accuracy and integrity. TTS follows very thorough quality assurance processes and our Government Translations undergo a three-stage process of Translation, Proofreading and Quality Assurance.

TTS guarantees all Government Departments full confidentiality when processing protected and classified material.

We also use state-of-the-art translation software to ensure consistency throughout all materials translated as well as the highest levels of accuracy and style through the production and maintenance of glossaries and translation memories.

TTS has assisted a broad range of Government Departments and Agencies in the past, including the City of Perth, the Department of Culture and the Arts (WA), the Department of Education (WA), the Department of Transport (WA), the Government of South Australia, the Shire of Christmas Island, Town of Vincent (WA), Wyndham City (VIC), amongst others.

With offices in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, TTS is able to help Government Departments and Agencies translate their official documents on time and on budget. We provide translation services from and into Spanish, French, Arabic, Portuguese, German, Russian, Indonesian, Mongolian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, and many more.

Contact us for a free quote now at and we will be happy to discuss your translation needs further.

German Language Facts and our NAATI Certified German Translations

What comes to mind when you think of Germany? Beer, beer, beer! But there is much more than that, Germany is an exciting country of big cities, romantic castles, friendly people and amazing Christmas markets. Germany has it all. With over 80 million inhabitants Germany is the most populous country in Europe and its 16 regions offer great job opportunities and a good lifestyle.


If we think about values, besides the great lifestyle, Germans place privacy, structure and punctuality high up in their priorities. They also like subtle jokes about politics and civil servants that would be wonderful to understand!

The German Language

Did you know that German is the most widely spoken language in the European Union? It is an interesting fact considering that German is the official language in a few countries only, including Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Luxembourg. The German and English languages are closely related; therefore, many similarities can be observed which will make it easier for an English speaker to learn German. Compound words are incredibly fun to learn and there is a lot of logic in German grammar.

Some interesting language facts for those learning German include choosing between the formal “Sie” and the informal “Du” when addressing someone and another interesting fact about the language is that when first meeting a German person, you should always address them formally until you are invited to make the switch!

NAATI Certified German Translations at TTS

The Translation Studio offers NAATI Certified German Translations for several documents in all major cities of Australia, including Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and Brisbane. Our services are well-known among our clients due to our reliability and accuracy. We have several delivery options ranging from our NAATI Certified Translations emergency service to be completed within the same day to our standard delivery option for Official Translations to be completed within 4 business days. We understand that applying for a visa or renewing a passport can be a stressful process and this is why we make sure that our Official Translation process is a client-friendly service that runs smoothly. Don’t let your translations get in the way and go with the Pros, TTS NAATI Certified German Translations are accurate, reliable and delivered on schedule.
Our  NAATI Certified German Translations include the following documents:

 German Birth Certificate Translation  German Affidavit Translation
 German Death Certificate Translation  German Contract Translation
 German Degree Certificate Translation  German Medical Reports Translation
 German Diploma Certificate Translation  German Employment Certificate Translation
 German Diploma Certificate Translation  German Legal Forms Translation
 German Divorce Certificate Translation  German Immigration Forms Translation
 German Marriage Certificate Translation  German  Medical Certificate Translation
 German Migration Documents Translation  German Police Clearance Translation
 German Passport Translation  German Wills Translation


Getting your German Translations right is essential for your visa applications, university enrollment and other official purposes, so don’t waste any time, contact us for a free consultation at or visit our website at and get a free quote.

Corporate Language Lessons in Perth – The Evolving City

Perth is a vibrant, energetic city that offers a truly unique Western Australian experience. It is the capital and largest city of Western Australia and it is the fourth most populated city in Australia, with an estimated population of 1.9 million people living in Greater Perth. The city offers an eclectic mix of city culture and stunning nature, from Perth’s growing bar scene and open arts festivals, to its world-class beaches and expansive parklands. Australia’s sunniest capital city, Perth embraces a relaxed outdoor lifestyle, with 400 hectares of the amazing Kings Park in the city and the inviting clear waters and spectacular sunsets at Cottesloe Beach. The port city of Fremantle is located south of Perth, where the fascinating maritime history blends in with an open, multicultural energy. Rottnest Island is a stunning city escape for the locals where you can enjoy swimming, snorkelling and fishing.

Perth at Dusk

But the city of Perth offers much more, with an extensive wine region at the Swan Valley surrounded by farms and art galleries.

Why Competitive Language Skills are Important for Business

Perth’s diversity in culture and languages is an important key characteristic that cannot be ignored. As everyone knows, it is imperative within the corporate world to have outstanding communication skills in order to succeed. Without the appropriate communication and language skills, companies would miss out on opportunities and fall short on formal proposals and leads for new business that could potentially spur new growth.

Foreign language skills are also necessary, if not essential, in order to succeed in business negotiations, be it for structuring the specifics of a contract or memorandum of understanding or for establishing new international partnerships. But mainly, with large corporations working globally, foreign language skills are highly regarded and could give you that extra push to get that dream job or promotion you have been looking for. For companies, training your personnel in a foreign language will provide endless benefits.

TTS Offers Corporate Language Lessons in Perth

The good news is that The Translation Studio provides Corporate Language Lessons in Perth in most key languages. We specialise in Language Training for corporate personnel and we also work in close partnership with several Relocation Companies and provide expatriates full training packages in English for themselves and their families upon arrival in Australia.

Our Language Trainers are qualified and experienced professionals who are dedicated to teaching their native language in a business environment. Our top language classes at the moment include English lessons for relocation, Spanish lessons, Portuguese lessons, Chinese lessons and many more.

Our highly personalised corporate language lessons in Perth will ensure that the individual needs of the learners involved are met. We will first assess the specific aims and objectives of the company and student and tailor a practical strategy to satisfy those needs along with a relevant learning program.

Contact us for a free quote or discussion via email at or visit and fill in our quote form.

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